Feb 28, 2007

Lots of things happened today...""

=^-w-^= had attended RMIT O-Festival Day today (which I call it 'Old Fat Day', lolz). In the store of SAMA (Society of Anime and Manga Addicts) I found Cheese working hardly with her team mate. By disregarding her tiredness, =^-w-^= brutally ask her to draw =^-w-^= a picture. With a selfless kindness poor little Cheese agreed my inhumanity requirement and start to draw =^-w-^= a nice picture.
(Actually, =^-w-^= had ask her for the same thing last year but seems that she had forgotten what had happened last year. Poor litter Cheese~~~ =o=)
Thank you very much! You are so kind, Cheese^o^ Hehehe!!!

^ Cheese is so kind and she had draw me a lovely picture. Thanks!!

^ A lovely cosplayer from SAMA. She had generously allowed =^-w-^= to post her picture on our blog.

After leaving the fest., =^-w-^= had an informal meeting with DS to discuss our next book(s) to be publish. Although the plan had not be finalized yet, we both believed that the main direction of this article(s) will soon be orientated. Once the draft of our book(s) is out we will show them here ^_^

At night time =^-w-^= had a delicious with WRY. WRY was having a wonderful holiday in Hong Kong and had just back to Melbourne. He than tell us about his new Wii and other events in HK. Be ware, WRY!! =^-w-^= will never forgive you for having such a good time and will rob your Wii someday~~~!!! -_-#

^ We have a delicious dinna at Melba Hotel. Yam mi~~~!

Feb 27, 2007


Although =^-w-^= had started my new semester on this Monday, I don't had any special feelings... =_="" Actually, I would say that I am feeling as if I was still on holiday... =o="" =^-w-^=is really a bad student...

Without caring about the start of the school, =^-w-^= finally 100% finished Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 2 (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ファントムブラッド, a PS2 game) tonight. If you had try this game before, I am sure you could understand how patient and tolerant you need to stick on this game... @x@"" No wonder, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 2 is not an exciting game (since it's fighting system is very x 10 hard and dame boring... =x="""), but as a super fan of the Jojo's series =^-w-^= founds a lot of memories when playing it...

As =^-w-^= always say, if I can study that hard just like I play games I will sure get full marks in all of my subjects... When will that day come ture???


(Remarks: The phase "MudaMudaMudaMuda~~~!!!!!!!!" appears in the title is what DIO, the forever boss in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's serious, will say when he is giving out his final attack.)

Feb 23, 2007

We are back!! (!?)

No wonder this page had not been updated for ages...
This is because most of the Zerozeroz seldom use a blog (and are too lazy to learn how)

As one of the targets I made in my new semester. =^-w-^= wish to bring this page back to life. But on the other hand. my other target is to graduate in this semester... Can these wishes both come true at the same time???

This shall be a real challenge for me. but I will try hard on this... =^@x@""=

PS: New manga series about Sumi and Yuki from us are published on Animavericks. Please give us more feedback for us may do better next time ^v^ Cheers mate!