Apr 9, 2007


Hey~ guys!! I'm 0x0 !! That's my first post after the establish of zerozeroz.
Besides the B/W story, I'm going to give u guys a surprise in this year,MCDINALD.
Special thanks for partners' help and support.
Basically, the new story "M" based on the battle of our dear Mcdonald Ronald actually, I think noone know his name....=.=") and KFC uncle, and other renowned characters, such as Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie the Early Bird, the Hamburger Captain and The Fry Kids will also appear on the stage.

According to the limited of space or capacity of the book, I'm not going to import all of them in the first volume. See if u guys like Dinald, I'll go on next stage in 2008. I've done a lot tryout on the feelings of the char., and u can see the differents of mine and the originals.
Below is some of the layout of the character design, enjoy it!^^

Apr 3, 2007

Hi from genso!!

Having skipped my classes to a early easter holiday, one lolita obsessed genso went to craft shop to get some materials for the head piece.
Not much drawing has been going on since last year's manifest...
It has been a very lazy day, one highlight was I went to my studio with DS and try out the PhotoBooth in Mac, lol it was so great, here is one...

DS + genso =.=