Mar 28, 2007

Chinese Zerozeroz Starts from now on!!!

=^-w-^= 's school life is being more and more busy recently... As you can see, I haven't put anything new here for 1-2 weeks... Actually, not thing happens except study and study within this period... I think this will be continued before term break~~~ =^TxT^=

Oh yes, here's a good news for our Chinese friends: The Chinese version of this page has been built, (See the button on the up right hand corner right upon our logo?) although they are not 100% ready yet... By the way, =^-w-^= had do some tricks on the translation so that you will find something funny when you read again our posts from the beginning. Have fun! -v-+

PS: All the Chinese friends' link had move to our Chinese version page. You may use some net translator (e.g. Google translator) to help you translate the hold page if you wish. Try get there and may be you could find something which tempt you!