Jul 18, 2007

DonjinconZ and Manifest is comming!

DonjinconZ and Manifest is comming! Celebrates!
(Which means we are dying! Celebrates! @~@")

In this year we are working very hard, both at school and our works. The book we are going to publish in DojinconZ is 0x0 's McDinald's Adventure. After that we will have more and more awesome products in manifest. More sample pictures of our and books and products will be published here in this few weeks, so keep your eye on our blog!


^ The Ancient China vertion of "Super Mario's Adventure".
I bit you will belly laugh when you see the real thing @v@

^ Lovely sexy girls are always one of our main focus.

May 17, 2007

I'm WRY, I'm here, & I've Good News!!

Hi! I'm WRY 0_0!! You guys must wonder where i have gone in this few months! Well, i've been involved in another project outside of Zerozeroz. It is called AARIVE - a Design Band. Its my very own design team!

With my new directions, i'll still be working closely in the background with Zerozeroz. Afterall, i was the one who started up this blog space! haha.

This time i'm back, i'd like to share with you a truly awesome news about AARIVE!
but you'll have to visit our site ---> www.aarive.com

Thanks for your support guys! AARIVE & Zerozeroz will keep up with its good works!

Apr 9, 2007


Hey~ guys!! I'm 0x0 !! That's my first post after the establish of zerozeroz.
Besides the B/W story, I'm going to give u guys a surprise in this year,MCDINALD.
Special thanks for partners' help and support.
Basically, the new story "M" based on the battle of our dear Mcdonald Ronald actually, I think noone know his name....=.=") and KFC uncle, and other renowned characters, such as Grimace, Hamburglar, Birdie the Early Bird, the Hamburger Captain and The Fry Kids will also appear on the stage.

According to the limited of space or capacity of the book, I'm not going to import all of them in the first volume. See if u guys like Dinald, I'll go on next stage in 2008. I've done a lot tryout on the feelings of the char., and u can see the differents of mine and the originals.
Below is some of the layout of the character design, enjoy it!^^

Apr 3, 2007

Hi from genso!!

Having skipped my classes to a early easter holiday, one lolita obsessed genso went to craft shop to get some materials for the head piece.
Not much drawing has been going on since last year's manifest...
It has been a very lazy day, one highlight was I went to my studio with DS and try out the PhotoBooth in Mac, lol it was so great, here is one...

DS + genso =.=

Mar 28, 2007

Chinese Zerozeroz Starts from now on!!!

=^-w-^= 's school life is being more and more busy recently... As you can see, I haven't put anything new here for 1-2 weeks... Actually, not thing happens except study and study within this period... I think this will be continued before term break~~~ =^TxT^=

Oh yes, here's a good news for our Chinese friends: The Chinese version of this page has been built, (See the button on the up right hand corner right upon our logo?) although they are not 100% ready yet... By the way, =^-w-^= had do some tricks on the translation so that you will find something funny when you read again our posts from the beginning. Have fun! -v-+

PS: All the Chinese friends' link had move to our Chinese version page. You may use some net translator (e.g. Google translator) to help you translate the hold page if you wish. Try get there and may be you could find something which tempt you!

Feb 28, 2007

Lots of things happened today...""

=^-w-^= had attended RMIT O-Festival Day today (which I call it 'Old Fat Day', lolz). In the store of SAMA (Society of Anime and Manga Addicts) I found Cheese working hardly with her team mate. By disregarding her tiredness, =^-w-^= brutally ask her to draw =^-w-^= a picture. With a selfless kindness poor little Cheese agreed my inhumanity requirement and start to draw =^-w-^= a nice picture.
(Actually, =^-w-^= had ask her for the same thing last year but seems that she had forgotten what had happened last year. Poor litter Cheese~~~ =o=)
Thank you very much! You are so kind, Cheese^o^ Hehehe!!!

^ Cheese is so kind and she had draw me a lovely picture. Thanks!!

^ A lovely cosplayer from SAMA. She had generously allowed =^-w-^= to post her picture on our blog.

After leaving the fest., =^-w-^= had an informal meeting with DS to discuss our next book(s) to be publish. Although the plan had not be finalized yet, we both believed that the main direction of this article(s) will soon be orientated. Once the draft of our book(s) is out we will show them here ^_^

At night time =^-w-^= had a delicious with WRY. WRY was having a wonderful holiday in Hong Kong and had just back to Melbourne. He than tell us about his new Wii and other events in HK. Be ware, WRY!! =^-w-^= will never forgive you for having such a good time and will rob your Wii someday~~~!!! -_-#

^ We have a delicious dinna at Melba Hotel. Yam mi~~~!

Feb 27, 2007


Although =^-w-^= had started my new semester on this Monday, I don't had any special feelings... =_="" Actually, I would say that I am feeling as if I was still on holiday... =o="" =^-w-^=is really a bad student...

Without caring about the start of the school, =^-w-^= finally 100% finished Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 2 (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ファントムブラッド, a PS2 game) tonight. If you had try this game before, I am sure you could understand how patient and tolerant you need to stick on this game... @x@"" No wonder, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 2 is not an exciting game (since it's fighting system is very x 10 hard and dame boring... =x="""), but as a super fan of the Jojo's series =^-w-^= founds a lot of memories when playing it...

As =^-w-^= always say, if I can study that hard just like I play games I will sure get full marks in all of my subjects... When will that day come ture???


(Remarks: The phase "MudaMudaMudaMuda~~~!!!!!!!!" appears in the title is what DIO, the forever boss in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's serious, will say when he is giving out his final attack.)