Feb 27, 2007


Although =^-w-^= had started my new semester on this Monday, I don't had any special feelings... =_="" Actually, I would say that I am feeling as if I was still on holiday... =o="" =^-w-^=is really a bad student...

Without caring about the start of the school, =^-w-^= finally 100% finished Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 2 (ジョジョの奇妙な冒険 ファントムブラッド, a PS2 game) tonight. If you had try this game before, I am sure you could understand how patient and tolerant you need to stick on this game... @x@"" No wonder, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 2 is not an exciting game (since it's fighting system is very x 10 hard and dame boring... =x="""), but as a super fan of the Jojo's series =^-w-^= founds a lot of memories when playing it...

As =^-w-^= always say, if I can study that hard just like I play games I will sure get full marks in all of my subjects... When will that day come ture???


(Remarks: The phase "MudaMudaMudaMuda~~~!!!!!!!!" appears in the title is what DIO, the forever boss in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure's serious, will say when he is giving out his final attack.)

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MoonChild said...

god knows the ans~ haaa