Jul 18, 2007

DonjinconZ and Manifest is comming!

DonjinconZ and Manifest is comming! Celebrates!
(Which means we are dying! Celebrates! @~@")

In this year we are working very hard, both at school and our works. The book we are going to publish in DojinconZ is 0x0 's McDinald's Adventure. After that we will have more and more awesome products in manifest. More sample pictures of our and books and products will be published here in this few weeks, so keep your eye on our blog!


^ The Ancient China vertion of "Super Mario's Adventure".
I bit you will belly laugh when you see the real thing @v@

^ Lovely sexy girls are always one of our main focus.


HEI said...


Zerozeroz said...

(Reply Hei:)

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Iko said...

lol found your site!
What I meant the dA: http://ikomitsu.deviantart.com

Anonymous said...

mr cat you r so lazy~ 5D post new update lah XD

海馬 said...

咁耐無update 既? XD

Anonymous said...

to >^=w=^< :
你d 稿仲係我度,你仲要唔要畫埋佢ar?